Nurturing healthy minds 
for a happy life

27% of all schoolchildren in Germany suffer mental health problems. Good help, however, is difficult to receive. We strive for a change, with a child’s companion at eye level. We believe in early mental prevention, and a playful approach for children who are already facing mental challenges. This is Aumio.

We believe that early education can prevent mental health problems before they occur. This way, children learn not only for the everyday, but for their future. Kaawuuuum …

We are avid space travelers. And Aumio is the travel companion we wish we had as kids. Get to know us: Jean, the space psychologist, Steffen, the board computer, Teresa, the spaceship’s soul, …

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We are always happy to make new friends. Are you interested in a pilot project? Or would you like to participate in Aumio? Send us a message, call us or teleport yourself into our office. We are looking forward to meeting you!