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What Makes Apps Suitable For Kids?

Our world is becoming more digital – and so is our kids’ everyday lives. Apps have long been a part of it. But the app jungle is wild and full of dangers! We will show you what dangers you should be aware of.

Apps for kids – more than just distractions!

Apps For Kids: The Options Are Endless

These days smartphones like apps are just something we cannot do without. For communication, for sports and oh, what will the weather be like tomorrow?

Our world is becoming more and more digital – and so is our everyday life. However, kids apps are not just for distraction.


  • kids learn,
  • kids play,
  • kids listen to audio books
  • and kids meditate.

Mindful Parenting
Apps for kids hold potential!

The digital world simply fascinates kids. And as they get older, having a sense of social belonging becomes increasingly important. What kids see and experience in apps has an influence on their thinking, their feelings, their attitudes, wishes and needs. That’s why apps for kids must also be suitable for kids. There are endless options and the app jungle is wild. There are many possibilities which apps offer to kids to support them in their development but the rights of our youngest are actually also neglected in them.

When Are Apps For Kids Suitable For Kids?

By kid-friendly, we mean apps that are tailored directly to the needs of kids and take their developmental stage and media skills into account. This sounds obvious but it is unfortunately not alway the case.

Through the wild app jungle
  • Kids keep glued to their screens because of the constant videos playing?
  • All of a sudden, a brightly colored ad pops up, and they’re completely taken aback?
  • You can no longer be sure what data is being collected and where it ends up?


All this is still far too common in products that were actually designed for kids. The needs of kids, not the interests of manufacturers, should be the primary focus. It is time to take responsibility!

5 Signs Of Kid-Friendly Apps

To ensure that products are kid-friendly, guiding principles are needed. To achieve this, the organization D4CR – Designing for kids’s Rights – has formulated principles on how products for kids should be designed according to ethical principles in order to protect kids and their rights.

Protection and safety

The more data apps collect, the less anonymous kids are. A kid-friendly app should offer a protected space that doesn’t harm a kid’s anonymity. The best way to protect data is not to collect it in the first place!

Equally important is what content is shown. An app for kids should consist exclusively of content appropriate for kids – this also includes advertising. If these criteria are met, apps can be considered protected spaces where kids can move freely and safely.

No advertising and hidden costs

Many apps are available free of charge. But what sounds tempting usually turns out to be something quite different. Either the quality suffers or the app is financed by advertising. Although exceptions confirm the rule, they are too rare. Advertising is annoying, distracting and impairs usage. It would be really stupid for your kid to be pulled out of the middle of an exciting mission by advertising, wouldn’t it?

Apart from that, it is not entirely unproblematic to confront kids with ads. They are very impressionable because they are just discovering the world. They also often can’t distinguish between actual content and purchase animations in the app. This is how the upgrade button lures them to unlock the next level! Without even noticing that money has just flowed here with a click. That can become expensive quickly! It also leads to unpleasant surprises and feelings of guilt.

Kid-friendly apps protect the rights of kids!

Content we can understand

Age, culture, language and abilities influence how and whether we understand information. Therefore, apps for kids need to ensure that all relevant messages and information that matter to kids can be understood by them.

It is precisely this understanding that apps for kids should ensure they are doing. With age-appropriate language, understandable thought processes and steps, and consideration of developmental abilities.

Taking needs seriously

Apps for kids should promote the individual development of each kid and provide space for learning and growth. To do this, kids’s needs must be the primary focus. And who better to educate them about these than the kids themselves?

Their ideas, wishes and fantasies are important! And that’s what apps for kids should stand for. Depending on the type of app, experts on kids’s needs should be involved in the development process. Especially with learning apps, the involvement of teachers is important and should be identifiable.

Space for development

Kids are active, curious and creative and should have the opportunity to develop these skills! This is how they can find out about their identity, place and value in the world. Therefore, apps for kids should only inspire with their content instead of teaching set opinions or views.

Kids need space to set, develop, and change their own boundaries as their understanding of the world continues to grow. To achieve that, breaks are important. Tricks and measures to maximize screen time were yesterday! Instead, providers of apps suitable for kids should promote a conscious and sustainable-healthy use of digital media.

It sounds difficult to find apps that are suitable for kids? Unfortunately it is! Find out more here:

What makes Aumio kid-friendly?

Aumio is an app for kids that combines learning with kid’s play. With playful exercises and mindful stories, Aumio helps kids grow up in a healthy, confident and less stressed way. This is ensured by more than 20 hours of kid-friendly listening experience.

Together with the space creature Aumio, kids explore their own cosmos of feelings, dive into relaxing imaginary worlds and go on fun yoga journeys. Once a new mission is mastered, there are exciting badges and coins as a reward!

Protection and safety

Aumio consists exclusively of kid-friendly content and protects kids’s privacy. Therefore, the Aumio app can be used without an account, without providing an email address or a user account.

No advertising and hidden costs

Aumio is free of advertising! The communicative focus is on the journey through the inner cosmos.

Content a kid can understand

As a kid-friendly app, Aumio pays attention to understandable thought processes and steps as well as the readability of the content – even if your kid can’t read yet.

Taking needs seriously

At Aumio, kids are participants who actively shape the Aumioverse in co-creative workshops. An expert team of psychologists from Freie Universität Berlin develops the galactic missions. In addition, teachers, therapists, and parents regularly consult and contribute their expertise to the Aumio app.

Space for development

Aumio does not tell kids on their space missions how they should feel, what is right and what is wrong, or how they should behave. Instead, it helps and encourages kids to discover the inner cosmos for themselves.

In Aumio’s Space Missions, both interactive and passive activities are encouraged and kids are also encouraged to take breaks. Once an exercise is completed
(+/- 6 min.), the next one is not automatically played.
This allows kids to decide for themselves when the space journey is finished.

The journey begins with you!

Download Aumio for free and start with your child the first galaxy. Try it out!