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Sleep And Bedtime Stories For Kids

A restful sleep is especially important for kids. When their thoughts are running wild and they are feeling anxious about something, falling asleep can become difficult and they don’t get the rest they need. The right bedtime stories for kids can help here!

A bedtime story can make it easier for kids to fall asleep.
mindful bedtime stories for kids help them get a restful night's sleep!

Falling asleep: Often easier said than done!

What could be better than snuggling into bed at the end of the day in soft pajamas, talking with mom or dad about the impressions of the day, cuddling up and then just falling asleep and dreaming something?

Unfortunately, it is not always that easy.


  • The impressions and thoughts of the day can be too upsetting, still spinning wildly around in your head, even in bed.
  • The darkness brings creatures to life and it is far too frightening to even close your eyes..
  • Kids are extremely influenced by everyday stress or developmental steps that continue to work subconsciously within them and this keeps them awake.
Bedtime stories for kids create beautiful feelings.
When fears and thoughts keep you awake

Every now and then, difficulties with falling asleep are quite normal for kids and are part of growing up. Most of the time, kids are able to manage these phases on their own.

Nevertheless, in one way or another these phases ensure that the night does not provide enough rest. Especially motorically restless kids with ADHD symptoms are often still so fidgety and full of energy at night that their bodies simply don’t want to relax.

Kids’ deep underlying fears, expressed in nightmares, can also cause sleepless nights. No kid wants to have bad dreams again and again!

Whether it’s an individual case or a long-term problem, sleep duration and sleep quality have a direct impact on your kid’s well-being. Even a deficit of one hour of sleep over a few days is enough to significantly limit their performance.

That is why healthy and restful sleep is so important!

What A Good Night's Sleep Does For Kids

We humans sleep through about a third of our lives – sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? While adults are already fully productive again with 7-8 hours, kids need an average of 9-11 hours of sleep! What sounds like a waste of time is, however, essential to be able to function normally.

It has been scientifically proven that especially kids benefit from a good night’s sleep.

Ability to learn

A good sleep makes us feel fresh and this makes learning easier! The more restful the sleep, the better kids' ability to think, recognize connections and solve problems.

Memory performance

When we are sleeping, newly learned information is transferred to long-term memory. If, for example, school material is repeated again at the end of the day, it can be consolidated more easily.

Concentration and focus

If perception is limited, so is focus. Studies show that kids who have slept well can control their concentration more easily.


When we are sleeping, the body shuts down all non-essential processes - "energy saving mode on," so to speak. This gives kids energy for the many adventures of the next day.

Processing impressions

During a good night's sleep, new nerve cells in the brain are linked together and experiences are processed. This ensures clarity and freshness the next day.

Strengthen defenses

Sleep and rest strengthen the immune system. There is evidence, for example, that tired kids catch colds more quickly than those who regularly enjoy a good night's sleep.

Bedtime Stories For Kids With Aumio

Kids have a natural need for closeness, security and safety – especially in the dark. Even we adults feel more comfortable during the day than at night! It’s not without reason that we fall asleep best with background noise or next to our partner.

Whether big or small: no one likes to sleep completely alone!

Bedtime stories for kids also make naps easier!
familiar voice or person helps kids fall asleep feeling protected and comfortable.

Parents can’t always stay next to their kids until they fall asleep – and that’s a good thing! Sooner or later, kids have to learn to sleep alone in their beds. To make sleeping a time of relaxation and recreation, kids need to feel protected and secure.

This is where our bedtime stories for kids come in:

Good night stories for kids

The pictures of Aumio’s fantastic stories provide comforting warm feelings, take any fears away and accompany kids gently into a good night.

Autogenic training

Scientifically proven methods such as autogenic training provide deep relaxation in a playful way in Aumio’s bedtime stories for kids. Experiencing the heaviness, calmness, and warmth in the stories calms the body and mind – even for the most excited kids!

Meditations to fall asleep

In Aumio’s missions to fall asleep, kids learn to say good night to their bodies. Fidgety parts of the body become completely calm, the body is flooded with a good feeling, and worries or thoughts are simply forgotten.

Imaginative journeys

The sleepy dream elements of Aumio’s imaginative journeys blur boundaries between reality and the dream world for kids. Calm streams, glittering moon lakes and cloudy-soft moss meadows make kids feel comfortable and helps them to calmly fall asleep.

Parents course: Sleep

Sleep is an important topic that raises a number of questions. Learn more about what helps kids achieve a healthy and restful sleep in our information course.

3 Tipps For A Good Night Routine

The quality of kids's sleep can be influenced!

Kids’ everyday life consists of rituals and routines. Actions that are always performed in the same way provide structure and give kids a sense of familiarity and control.

  • discussing the impressions of the day
  • singing a good-night song to a cuddly toy
  • and cuddling together

Good-night rituals give a kid one very important thing: wonderful childhood memories. To make the night even more restful, here are some simple tips and tricks to help!

The brain is a “creature of habit” – and this is an advantage! For example, kids associate their bed with sleep when they use it exclusively for this purpose. As soon as kids lie down in their cozy bed, the body shuts down.

This effect can be reinforced if the bed is not used at all during the day – except for naps!

About 2 hours before going to bed, try not to do any activities that need a lot of energy. Running around, playing or listening to exciting stories get the body so excited that breathing and also heart rate can increase immensely. Thoughts also begin to spin in a kids mind and are hard to let go of.

The afternoon is a better time for all of those activities that need a lot of energy. The, at bedtime kids are more peaceful.

A room temperature of 16-19 degrees is considered optimal, since the body can keep its own temperature here quite easily. This keeps the body in energy-saving mode! And it ensures a restful sleep as the body has one less thing to regulate.

The journey begins with you!

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