Become an Aumio crew member 🚀 to our job postings

Become an Aumio crew member 🚀 to our job postings

and Meditation
for children

Get to know yourself better. With fun, play, and guided courses on your smartphone.

Explore your cosmos. With an app.

Your are unfocused or often angry? Or you just not feel well sometimes? Aumio uses quick exercises to strengthen your mental health. Get to know yourself better and explore your feelings in a playful way. 

For children and
the whole family

Aumio provides multi-day courses and individual exercises, on topics such as “hyperactivity” or “impulsivity”. It uses short audio journeys to teach mindfulness exercises. Aumio helps you understand your strengths, no matter how young you are. 

For all space travellers

For parents

Do you have

Aumio focuses on play and mental wellbeing. It so helps you and your child set a healthy routine and lead a healthy life.

In school and therapy

Do you work with children?

Aumio teaches mindfulness methods as they are used in cognitive behaviour therapy. Designed in a playful way and made for children.

Do you want to become a partner?

We work together with families, health insurance companies, clinics and schools on our vision. Be part of our cosmos, too.

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Is your breathing space limited right now?

Go on a space journey in our new online course. Free of charge, no space ticket required.


And the journey is starting

Aumio is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Are you interested in joining us as a beta-tester? Be one of our space pioneers and help design Aumio with your feedback.

This is Aumio

Sustainable health. From an early age onward.

We believe that mental health requires good care from an early age on. Aumio empowers children to strengthen their mental awareness. We teach the right knowledge and methods, so they help themselves in the here and now, and learn for the future.