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Meditation For Kids – Is it possible?

Kids can meditate just like adults – and they even enjoy huge advantages! The positive effects of regular mindfulness exercises are also the same. With the right exercises, meditation for kids becomes child’s play.

Meditation für Kinder im schnelllebigen Zeitalter
Meditation for kids in a fast-paced age


Why Kids Should Meditate
Perceiving Instead Of Evaluating – That’s What Meditation Is All About
Meditation For Kids – Does it Work?
What Mindfulness Does
What type of kid benefits from meditation?
Meditation For Kids – How Can We Keep Them Interested?
Practice Makes Meditation Easy For Kids

Why Kids Should Meditate

It is no longer a secret that meditation and mindfulness promote mental health and provide relaxation and balance in everyday life. It is also becoming a trendy topic that is attracting more and more attention. But what is the mindfulness trend ‘meditation’ all about?

More and more adults are using mindfulness techniques to equip themselves for the challenges of our fast-paced world and to live more consciously. There are many different offers, ranging from free access to paid ones, digital to “real”, physical ones.

Not even kids are protected from the numerous environmental stimuli and influences and they often experience a lot of stress which is even more unfiltered than with adults. Nevertheless, the idea that they could, too, benefit from meditation exercises is still relatively new and the offers are correspondingly small. Aumio is the first meditation app for kids from Germany and it aims to change just that!

Perceiving Instead Of Evaluating – That's What Meditation Is All About

Meditation is about being fully present in the here and now. And, for example, to direct one’s entire attention to one sensory perception or one thing. This can be breathing or a certain region of the body.

This way, with a little practice, a kind of thoughtlessness, inner peace and the awareness of mindful experience develops. Even if you get lost in thought, your breath helps as a constant companion – helping you to bring your focus back to your present moment. You can’t go wrong with meditation!

There are different types of meditation that can be done sitting, standing, walking or lying down. In our Aumioversum you can find meditations of every kind!

Meditation for Kids is calming
Meditating is possible everywhere and at any time of the day!

Meditation For Kids - Does it Work?

Because of their high energy level, constant activity and almost limitless imagination, many people believe that meditation is not suitable for kids. After all, meditation requires calmness, patience and concentration. To do or think absolutely nothing for one minute seems hardly feasible for kids! Or is it? You bet it is!

Kids can meditate just as well as adults! And the positive effects of regular mindfulness exercises are the same. Kids are often more open-minded and curious than most adults. This actually gives them a huge advantage in meditation! It’s precisely these qualities that are needed to be able to perceive what is happening inside oneself in a completely neutral and calm way.

What Mindfulness Does

The list of positive effects and potentials is almost endless! However, with regular practice you will surely notice some of the following changes:

Improvement of

  • the ability to concentrate
  • emotion regulation and
  • your own body awareness

Increase in

  • ability to deal with conflict,
  • empathy and
  • frustration tolerance


  • of resilience (mental resistance),
  • a positive attitude towards life
  • general well-being

Sounds too good to be true?

In fact, the positive effects of mindfulness and meditation have been scientifically proven again and again in recent years. This is also true for kids. The effectiveness of meditation for kids has been proven by numerous empirical studies.

The content of Aumio is also repeatedly put to test. Currently, we’re conducting a clinical study to confirm the effectiveness of Aumio’s mindfulness exercises. Here you can find more information about the scientific background.

Did you already know?

It has even been proven that brain structure changes permanently through regular mindfulness exercises. For example, areas in the brain responsible for empathy actually grow!

What type of kid benefits from meditation?

Mindfulness is suitable for all kids! Shy, anxious, emotional, unfocused, stressed or even kids suffering from insomnia can meditate.

Even fidgety or motor restless kids with ADHD symptoms can practice mindfulness and benefit from the effects – they can do this with missions that adapt to their activity level. Aumio exercises help your kid to find calmness and relaxation. This way, kids can focus their energy and use it more purposefully.

Aumio has exciting missions for lots of different topics in which your kid can explore and take a big breath! The exercises can be used to resolve a problem in the moment itself, but also to prepare your kid for future challenges. This is because meditation also has a preventive effect. This helps kids to recharge their strength and confidence even on carefree days!

Discover the colourful world of our Aumio Universe

Meditation For Kids – How Can We Keep Them Interested?

To keep it exciting to explore their own inner cosmos, our exercises are designed to be age-appropriate and playful. It helps younger kids in particular to think in images that correspond to their age and stage of development. This way, they remain curious and can fully engage in mindfulness meditation.

The blade of grass in the wind is a playful meditation for kids.

In Aumio’s meditations, kids may gently move back and forth like a blade of grass in the wind to sense the balance of their own bodies.

Sorrow can simply float away with the meditation for kids "Worry Balloon".

Sorrow can simply float away with the meditation for kids “Worry Balloon”.

Our exercises don’t take place on the meditation cushion, but in space! Together with the space creature Aumio, kids embark on intergalactic exploratory missions, fly through space and get to know a mindful and curious approach to the environment, fellow human beings and especially: themselves.

Thoughts become shooting stars that gently pass by and the inhabitants of distant galaxies have special characteristics that you may recognize in yourself. Aumio shows you how you can easily deal with your special qualities. Just give it a try!

Begin your meditation journey and discover the inner cosmos within you!

Practice Makes Meditation Easy For Kids

As with any other training, practice applies to mindfulness, too. In order to fully develop and achieve the desired effects, you need to stick with it. At first, it takes a bit of practice to stay focused and not drift off with your thoughts – that’s normal! With time, it will work better and better.

Our tip: Create a routine and make your favorite meditation a regular part of your family’s daily routine! It helps tremendously to tie the mindfulness exercise to a specific moment in your day.

  • After brushing your teeth in the morning to feel invigorated and fresh?
  • Before, during or after schoolwork to grab focus and take a breath?
  • Before falling asleep to gently and mindfully start the next dream journey?

Doing it at the same time and in the same place is the magic formula here! This way, kids can firmly schedule mindfulness exercises into their day and adapt themselves to it. This helps them feel more comfortable with the exercises and enables them to fully enjoy it.

The journey begins with you!

Download Aumio for free and start the first galaxy with your child. Try it out!