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Watch Out! Temper Tantrum!

Calm breathing and thinking about other people’s feelings can help calm your temper tantrum. Aumio shows you how to stay calm during these moments.

Wutanfall bei deinem Kind: das hilft.
Temper Tantrum? That happens.


Why Is My Kid So Impulsive?

Kids who suffer from impulsivity and severe temper tantrums are very sensitive to emotions. Does this sound familiar?


  • Your kid’s mood often changes quickly and he or she reacts in a noticeably cheerful and happy way or with a sudden temper tantrum?
  • All it takes is another kid bumping into him or her out of carelessness and your kid becomes angry, maybe even aggressive?
  • On a bad day, your kid could have a tantrum for no reason at all?

It doesn’t matter if your kid is 4, 6, 8 or 10 years old. The nervous system of young people is quickly overwhelmed by strong feelings making it difficult to prevent such temper tantrums. Their reactions seem automatic.

Therefore, they often feel as though they cannot do anything about these strong impulses. An impulsive kid will often react angrily or aggressively quite quickly.

After such a temper tantrum, the kids are often plagued by intense feelings of guilt as soon as they realize how they have behaved. This can then lead to the kid being sad, having mood swings or being easily irritable.

Meditation Can calm your Kid’s Temper Tantrums down

Studies in recent years have shown significant effects on reducing impulsivity with mindfulness training. First-time users of Aumio have also reported a moderate to large improvement after only four weeks.

Did you know?
For a kid who is often angry, doing mindfulness exercises is not the only thing that helps. His or her behavior also improves when the parents are more relaxed! Parents who are stressed in certain situations also stresses a kid.

This can lead to emotional withdrawal or strong feelings of guilt. If, on the other hand, the parents keep a cool head even in difficult situations, they will transfer this inner calmness to the kid. Tips on how to deal with anger are given to your kid in the Impulso Galaxy: The course on impulsivity and temper tantrums.

Or you can try our relaxation course together. It’s a great way to forget the stress of everyday life. And the next temper tantrum might never happen!

Try it out!

Aumio helps

Mindfulness As A Method

With the help of our exercises and meditations, kids are trained to control their impulses to react to certain situations. This means that a kid who is often angry or increasingly aggressive learns how to slow his or her quick and impulsive reactions down and how to make conscious decisions about how to react in different situations.

He or she can do this by being conscious of the thoughts and feelings that are swirling around inside him or her at any given moment. In this way, they practice understanding themselves and their inner cosmos better. If kids – and also adults – develop an understanding for someone or themselves and therefore adopt a different perspective on the situation, they immediately become calmer.

They no longer have the feeling of being overrun by their thoughts and feelings and losing control. When the kid knows exactly what is going on in their inner cosmos, they can control their reactions more easily because they now know how they want to react.

The content of this course is based on our 4-Steps-Strategy against impulse actions:

  • Stop
  • Deep breathing
  • Notice what is happening
  • Decide

Our breath is a powerful tool that can always calm us and help us see clearly. And the best part is – we always have it with us! With a little practice, kids can stop their next tantrum or aggressive reaction themselves.

A journey through the “Impulso Galaxy”

On this journey, your kid will go to the Impulso Galaxy together with the little space creature Aumio. The planets there consist largely of highly explosive volcanoes. The inhabitants of this galaxy, the Impulsis, are also explosive by nature.

Erupting Vulcano
In this exercise, your kid will think about a situation during which he or she felt very strong emotions. These can be any kind of feelings, such as stress, excitement, panic, anger, or impatience. By using their own breath, your kid learns to calm down – by taking a moment to breathe consciously, they create a distance between themselves and these strong emotions. This makes it easier for them to stay in control of their feelings and reactions when they are in difficult situations.

Radio Interference
In this exercise, your kid learns how to talk mindfully to others. This is especially important if you tend to blurt out your thoughts, which sometimes leads to arguments. During meditation, your kid learns to think back to a past argument and think about the feelings and thoughts he felt in that situation.

He then tries to think about how the other person may have felt during that situation. Isn’t it much more reassuring to know how the other person is feeling? Before the next temper tantrum or emotional outburst, your kid can remember this exercise and will be able to react differently!

Aumio Is Based on Science

The methods are scientifically based and the effectiveness of mindfulness has been proven by a growing number of studies. The positive effect of Aumio has also already been shown in two studies with more than 40 families: Families who have an impulsive kid reported fewer temper tantrums and fights. General cognitive performance and health-related quality of life also improved.

Here's how

We Rely On Routines

To ensure the effectiveness of the exercises, regular practice is important.

  • A short exercise in the morning?
  • A meditation every evening just before going to sleep?
  • Or before a meeting with a friend after school?

Decide for yourself how and when Aumio fits best into your daily routine!

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