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Mindfulness in your

Meditation at school makes for more calmness and a higher ability to concentrate. With our School Package for Teachers, you'll get a plan for how to use Aumio in the classroom.

A mindful school, step by step


Download the digital school package with our practice plan

The practice plan shows you how to use Aumio in the classroom week by week. It includes helpful questions for students to reflect on their experiences.


Install Aumio on your smartphone or tablet

Download Aumio for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can use Aumio without creating an account.


Do a first exercise with your students

In the app, you’ll find meditation exercises in the category “At school” to help you get started. In the free version, you can test the first exercises together. With a subscription, you get access to all exercises and you can listen to sessions offline.

Why Aumio at school?

Improving attention

A regular practice of mindfulness enables children to sustain attention longer and strengthens their ability to concentrate. Proven.

Strengthening the class atmosphere & more calm

Students deal with their own emotional state and those of their classmates. Meditation promotes their own empathy and compassion.

High data protection

Children do not need an account for Aumio, which means no email address and no password. The best way to protect data is to not collect any data at all.

Content available offline

Exercises can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet before the class begins. They are then available offline. Which means you can use Aumio even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Aumio for the entire school?

Do you want to share Aumio with your colleagues, your class, or

the entire school? The Aumio school license makes it possible! 

Discover the Aumio courses and exercises

Sustainable Health.
From an early age.

At Aumio, we believe that mental health should be considered from an early age on. With the methods taught by Aumio, children can strengthen the awareness of their mental and physical well-being. In doing so, children help themselves in the here and now and learn for the future. Because sustainable well-being requires the right preventive care, for all of us.


Aumio was developed with children for children between the ages of 3 and 12. Some stories are aimed at pre-school children, while other stories and everyday examples are aimed at children of primary school age and up to grade 6. However, this does not exclude older children. The easiest way to find out if and how Aumio works in your class is to try it out for yourself.

Aumio can be integrated into everyday school life in various ways: At the beginning or end of class, in phase changes in your lessons, in physical education, or in your mindfulness or yoga club. One exercise lasts between 5 and 10 minutes. Having a routine is very important for a functioning mindfulness practice. So it is best to determine for yourself and your students when and where you will meditate together on a regular basis.

Our school pack will provide you with a practice plan and with a list of exercises to help you get started with Aumio. The exercises from the introduction course are the most suitable. However, you can also choose exercises from other topics. It is best to assess for yourself which topics are of interest to your class and how well your students are already familiar with mindfulness techniques.

Home schooling presents a whole new set of challenges for teachers and students. Aumio as a digital tool is ideal for home schooling or as a stand-alone relaxation between lessons. You can recommend Aumio as an app to parents and students.

With an annual or monthly Aumio subscription, you can download all content to your device and listen offline. You can also download complete courses. The best thing to do is to download the exercises to your smartphone or tablet when you are preparing your lessons.

Mindfulness exercises should not be mandatory. If a child does not want to participate, that is okay. It is best to ask the student to stay quiet during the exercise in order not to disturb the other children. Perhaps an alternative task that the student can do during the exercise will help.

If you would like to use Aumio on all tablets in a class or school, you can request a no-obligation offer here: Aumio Schullizenz.