Become an Aumio crew member 🚀 to our job postings

Become an Aumio crew member 🚀 to our job postings

The entire Aumioverse

With Aumio, your child will learn all about mindfulness. The basics are even free! A subscription allows you to explore all of our galaxies - from imaginative meditations and stories to playful yoga exercises.


  • Introduction Course
  • First exercises for a galactically mindful start
  • Stories to relax & dream

free of charge

Aumio Subscription

  • Access to the entire Aumioverse
  • Over 30 active & calm mindfulness exercises
  • More than 10 hrs of meditations, yoga, sleep stories, fantasy journeys,…
  • Offline listening experiences
  • 7 days trial in the annual subscription, trial period cancelable at any time
  • New content on a regular basis

49.99€ per year

☕️ That’s one cappuccino a month.

7.99€ per month

🍛 That’s one meal per month.

Why Aumio?

Child-friendly content

Aumio’s meditations, fantasy journeys and relaxation stories help children to explore themselves and their emotional world. New content is created on a regular basis in collaboration with experts.

Relaxation and sleep

Aumio specifically supports in coming down. It promotes the ability to concentrate and helps to relax after school as well as to fall and stay asleep.

Yoga and movement for children

In guided video exercises, children playfully learn an awareness of their own body and practice acceptance.

Quite simple for the family routine

Aumio’s short exercises (+/- 6 min.) can be integrated easily into everyday family life. Ideal for the homework or evening routine.


Yes, you can download Aumio for free from the App Store. You can use the introductory course and a limited number of stories and exercises free of charge and without restrictions. In order to access all content, you need the subscription.

Install and open the app on your smartphone. Click on a locked content and select “Try for free now”. The subscription is processed via Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Open the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone. In your profile you will find the option to cancel your subscription under “Subscriptions”.

You don’t need an account to use Aumio. That means you can open the Aumio app without entering an email address or password. This is how we protect your data, because the best data protection is not to collect any data in the first place. The subscription is processed through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Here you usually have an Apple or Google account.

We protect your privacy and do not ask for data from your children. To use Aumio, you do not have to create an account, enter an e-mail address or enter a password. The entry of a user name is just as voluntary as the information about your child’s age. We evaluate pseudonymously how long Aumio is generally used on smartphones and which exercises are chosen. However, no direct individual conclusions about you as an Aumionauti are possible.

Aumio is for all children aged 0-99. When developing our content, we focused specifically on children between the ages of 3-12. However, this does not exclude younger and older children from using it. Find out if your child likes Aumio by trying out our free stories and exercises.

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