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little big worries

Meditation helps to get away from it all for a moment

The last few weeks have triggered fears and worries in many children.

Aumio would like to help children to find a little bit of peace in this difficult times. This small collection of child-friendly meditations might help to calm fears and worries. Just try them out. Find a quiet place, lie down comfortably and listen.

And if it works for your family, feel free to also tell your friends and neighbours about this. 🇺🇦

Letting Worries Go

This little meditation helps children to let go of worrying thoughts for the moment.

How to Deal with Anxiety

With this trick, even the youngest children learn to let their fears fly away for a moment.

Fall Asleep Without Worries

Fears and worries keep us from sleeping at night. This meditation accompanies children softly into the land of dreams.

Relax for a Moment

The current crisis demands a lot of strength. This meditation helps children to relax and find a moment of peace anytime and anywhere.

Share Some Hope

Everyone can make a difference: with this meditation, children send loving wishes and happiness to everyone in the world.

A Trick to Fall Asleep

This meditation helps children to calm their bodies. This way, they can shut down and fall asleep in a much more relaxed way.

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