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How do stories influence Kids

Story telling is therapeutic for kids. Stories promote mental development and teach kids about daily life in a playful way. They also help kids achieve a deep calmness, relaxation and inner strength.

Stories for kids to listen to or read themselves
Whether reading them yourself or listening to them, the impact of kids’ stories is almost unbeatable!

The magic of stories for kids

Stories for children are gateways to magical worlds
Stories for kids as gateways to a world of fantasy.

Stories for kids are more than just stories. They open the door to the mysterious world of fantasy. Magical characters come to life and exciting adventures are waiting to be experienced. And there is always something new to learn!

Stories are literally waiting to come to life through the imagination of kids. And kids can’t get enough of them.

Stories for kids inspire and encourage. They also contribute greatly to the kids’ mental development.

Stories Promote Development in kids

Stories are good for kids. They promote vocabulary, creativity and language skills in a very playful way. They also develop social and emotional skills.

Kids simply enjoy listening to a story – regardless of whether the story is read aloud or played. By immersing themselves in the fantasy world of a story, time stands still for a while. This provides kids with soothing energy as well as carefree moments.

Language awareness and vocabulary

Stories, fairy tales or even fantasy journeys help kids to learn about the structure of language. With stories, they learn how sounds are spoken and words are pronounced.

This improves the feeling for language immensely! This is how kids learn new expressions and how they can memorize complex sentence structure. Kids who regularly listen to stories at an early age often start speaking earlier.

Studies also show that these kids can express themselves better because they have a significantly larger vocabulary.

Problem solving

Is a new sibling on the way? Is your kid about to start school? Or maybe parents are going through a divorce?

By listening to stories, kids find solutions to their own current challenges. Through stories, they can learn about difficult situations. In this playful way of learning, they can see how the characters in the story deal with issues that might be happening in their own lives.

This encourages kids to ask questions that they currently have on their mind. By doing so they are helped to externalize and overcome their inner conflicts.

Social skills

Fairy tales in particular make kids really sympathize with the characters in the story. Kids put themselves directly into the shoes of the characters, into their thoughts, intentions and perceptions.

By doing so, kids gain a better understanding of the characters’ personal situations. In this way, compassion, empathy and a change of perspective are trained and encouraged. This has even been proven in studies!

These competences strengthen interpersonal relationships! They can also contribute to becoming more open-minded and tolerant.

Focus and memory

Stories can increase a kid’s ability to concentrate. If you’re distracted, you could miss an exciting part of the story! And then not understand the rest of the story.

To prevent this from happening, concentration is required.A kid’s (working) memory is also stimulated in a natural way so that they can follow what is happening in the story.

Experience the soothing power of a story and be inspired by Dornrosa’s courage and sense of fairness.

Imagination Is Important!

Television or computer games severely reduce a kid’s imagination. This is because the images they see undermine their creative abilities. By simply telling a story, a fairy tale or a magic journey story, their own imagination can be set free.

The wonderful fantasy world of stories has to be co-created by the young listeners! The inner images that arise in kids are strongly influenced by their own memories, experiences, but also by their wishes and dreams.

This ensures that kids are more likely to feel addressed by the topics and to identify with the characters. In this way, kids process their own personal feelings through the fantasy world of the story.

A magical atmosphere makes the story particularly vivid for kids!
The more a kid’s imagination is stimulated by a story, the better!

Have you ever noticed how interesting the unexpected is?

It’s the same with stories! The limitless possibilities of fantasy worlds are full of mystery, magic and surprise. This is why anyone listening to a story is attentive and spellbound.

Kids become more focused, receptive, and accessible to the messages and lessons the story is trying to convey. A completely factual explanation simply cannot give the kid the same learning effect!

The many different ways to tell a story

There are many different types of kids’ stories, some of which differ greatly in form and content. But the different types not only appeal to different tastes, they also fulfill different functions.

Fairy tales are there to teach values and explain moral topics within a compelling storyline.

Fantasy journeys and magic journeys take a kid to a paradise where they can relax and recharge their batteries.

Bedtime stories playfully help with relaxation tricks to fall asleep and help stop a child being scared of having bad dreams or that something is under the bed.

Aumio's Mindful Stories For Kids

Aumio’s magic journeys, fairy tales, or relaxation stories take kids on fantastic journeys through the vastness of the universe. Along the way, they teach a mindful approach to the environment, fellow human beings and their own inner cosmos.

Whether stress, worries, restlessness, emotional upset or problems falling asleep – in Aumio’s stories, kids learn tips and tricks to dealing with their own personal everyday challenges. In this way, they playfully strengthen their well-being and mental resilience.

Kids's stories for deep relaxation and inner strength

For example, they work particularly well for these two things:

Deep relaxation and recreation

The impressions of everyday life can often overwhelm kids. They become exhausted by different things that they have to do during the day and with the many activities they experience. This makes it difficult for them to relax.

In such moments, reading or listening to a story, a fairytale or a magic journey together can help. The magic of the fantasy world works wonders. As kids concentrate fully on the stories, the experiences of the day drift off into the distance.

This makes room for deep relaxation and carefree moments. The body also comes to rest through proven techniques such as autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation – experienced in a completely playful way.

It’s like squeezing a squishy green space orange to relax your arms, for example.

Inner strength

The stories of the Aumioversum help to find more inner strength. This works best when kids can identify particularly well with the main character of the story or are currently experiencing the fantasy journey themselves.

In the fantasy worlds, kids experience various adventures without any fear or pressure, because it all takes place in their imagination! And once a challenge in the dream world is mastered, it makes them immensely proud.

For example, the mission to find an extremely rare flower that blooms only once every 100 years deep in the Koluao jungle!

Experiencing success conveys joy and gives kids a preview of what actually lies inside them. These positive experiences from dreams and fantasy also inspire kids in reality. And it gives them inner strength and confidence.

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