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The Land Of Fairy Tales

Fairy tales for kids are full of magic, healing powers and instructive messages. The moral of each story stays subconsciously in our kids’ minds. This makes the stories we tell them all the more important!

Fairy tales are valuable for kids
The power of fairy tales is so valuable for kids.

Why Fairy Tales Inspire Kids

“Once upon a time…” are words that instantly cast a mysterious and captivating spell over kids and have been doing so for centuries. Fairy tales are simply magical. They have charm, magic and make the impossible become possible.

Fairy tales immerse us in a completely different world, bring images to life, and make us identify with the main characters whilst they are on their adventures. They bring us the confidence and certainty that everything will turn out for the better. Fairy tales have soothing and restorative powers for kids.

It is, therefore, no wonder that they are so loved!

More Than Just Stories

Fairy tales are stories that tell us about morals and send us messages. They directly influence kids’ values by providing an understanding of what good and evil, right and wrong is. Through this simplified representation and clear division, kids decide for themselves what their own concept of values is. They learn to judge their own environment and develop their own morals.

Fairy tales make kids put themselves in the emotional and mental world of other people. Through them, kids experience the consequences of certain behavior and learn how to resolve conflicts.

The characters of stories lack depth and the places and times are rarely clear and determined making it easy to immerse oneself in the plot. The only thing one needs is imagination!

Especially when kids can identify well with the main character of the story, they absorb almost all the messages subconsciously. Heroes and heroines become role models for their own actions. In this way, kids learn what they are capable of.

It often happens that the heroine of the story suddenly looks like the little girl who is listening to the fairy tale.

Or the boy, who is excitedly cheering along, becomes the main character who is about to save the world!

Stories have the power to encourage kids, to inspire them and to strengthen their trust in the world. Fairy tales and the like paint a clear picture in a child’s mind: this is how the world works. Pretty powerful, isn’t it?

In the same way, they can also send the wrong messages, scare kids or awaken self-doubt. That’s why we should always be aware of the messages that the stories tell!

Are Old Fairy Tales Good For Kids?

The stories of fairy tales are as important for kids as the messages!

Oh how we love to read the old familiar fairy tales from our own childhood. But it’s noticeable that the stories are not always suitable for kids.

Apart from having elements of fantasy, magical characters and a way of teaching kids, many classic fairy tales have one thing in common: they are often very cruel.

  • The grandmother and the girl are eaten by the wolf
  • Kids are abandoned by their parents alone in the forest
  • And girls have to jump into wells because they have made small mistakes

Did you know?

In fact, fairy tales were originally told for adults! This is why fairy tales usually criticize society and are intended to warn the reader about the dangers that lurk in the outside world.

Kids cannot always understand the messages that the stories want to convey. It can happen that the events upset the inner cosmos of our little ones. This can convey a false understanding of morality and maybe even frighten a kid rather than inspire him or her.

This can have a negative impact on their mental well-being and further development. Younger kids in particular are often unable to distinguish reality from the unreal. That’s why we should think carefully about which stories and fairy tales we tell our kids.

But we love those classic fairy tales…
It is important to talk with kids afterwards about what has been told in the story and to talk about upsetting feelings such as fear, sadness or immorality.

List Of Classics By The Grimm Brothers

We have compiled a top list of Grimm Brothers classics for you to read aloud and enjoy below. As already mentioned, the only important thing is to talk with the kids about the morals and lessons in the story after you have read it.

Aumio's Mindful Fairy Tales

Aumio’s fairy tales are mindful. They are free from violence and cruelty and convey a feeling of peace and security. And yet they are no less instructive. Quite the opposite!

With Aumio, kids travel with us to distant galaxies. The stories combine familiar fairy tales with galaxy creatures and convey an awareness of friendship, humanity and the challenges of life.

Aumio’s fairy tales contain powerful qualities such as

  • Openness and appreciation,
  • courage and justice,
  • gratitude and compassion.

This helps kids to be mindful, appreciate values and find their own place in the world.

Just take a look and let yourself be influenced by Snow White's curiosity!

Reading aloud strengthens the bond!

The sound of the parent’s voice and the physical closeness during reading aloud give kids a sense of trust and security. In addition, they receive undivided attention during these moments together! That’s why you can find an overview of our fairy tales to read aloud or practice reading here:

The journey begins with you!

Download Aumio for free and start with your child the first galaxy. Try it out!