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Imaginary Journeys For Kids - This Is How They Work

Using their imagination can help a kid rest and relay. Imaginary journeys for kids make them forget the stressful stimuli of everyday life and open their minds for fantastic moments where they can relay and feel good!

Fantasiereisen für Kinder sind gelenkte Tagträume
Imaginary journeys are good for kids!

Why Kids Should Go On Imaginary Journeys

We live in a fast-paced, stimulus-flooded world. It is full of pressure to perform and expectations, as well as busy daily schedules. Quite exhausting! Even kids are not fully protected from these challenges and they also feel increasingly stressed.

In fact, one in six kids shows physical symptoms such as problems falling asleep or pure lethargy. Pretty frightening, isn’t it? And you really don’t expect burnouts in the nursery.

So what can be done about it?

Die Fantasie ist ein Kraftort der Erholung
Unterschrift: Die Fantasie ist ein Ort der Erholung und Entspannung!

Our recommendation: imaginary journeys!

Imaginary journeys are guided daydreams that give your kid a good feeling. They are stories about fantastic journeys in which your kid can create his or own world using their imagination. This is how real sensations are created.

Imaginary journeys are a playful and effective way to help kids enter carefree and peaceful dream worlds. In this way, stress and restlessness is reduced and instead peace and relaxation becomes a part of everyday life.

How Imaginary Journeys Work For Kids

You have probably experienced yourself that when you imagine things it is enough to trigger a certain feeling in you.

How does your feeling change, for example, when you think about someone you love? And how does it feel when you imagine your deepest heart’s desire coming true?

Sensations that trigger imaginary journeys are real!

Our brain does not distinguish between a “real” experience that is really experienced and pure imagination. In both cases, feelings are triggered in us that we are really experiencing.

The stronger the images, the more effective!

The plot of the story itself takes a back seat in imaginary journeys for kids. The focus is more on experiencing images, sounds and perhaps even scents, tastes or touches.

The kids become very attentive when they are in these dream worlds. They explore everything in detail and with all of their senses.

This is why it is possible to create pleasant feelings with mere imagination. This is done with the help of journeys to special places, encounters with magical beings and an experience with all the senses.

Imaginary journeys also have an incredibly inspiring effect. Kids take this powerful energy directly with them – from their imagination back into their own reality. This provides more drive and well-being in everyday life.

Imaginary Journeys For Kids – Scientifically Proven!

Imaginary journeys are true miracle cures for kids! This is why they are used increasingly in therapy. The potentials of these imaginative stories seem almost limitless.

Besides their calming effect, imaginary journeys offer many opportunities for kids. The following has been proven in scientific studies:

take away fears

Imaginary journeys release tensions of everyday life and promote positive thoughts. This allows exam anxiety to evaporate so that kids can develop their full potential.

Find peace

The journey to imaginary places of relaxation helps to switch off and fall asleep. Even fears of nightmares can be reduced.

Practice focus

On their journeys, kids learn to focus on the inner images very deeply. This promotes concentration and attention.

strengthen self-confidence

Imaginary journeys can help kids gain more self-confidence and inner strength. The ability to accept their own 'mistakes' is also strengthened.

strengthen interpersonal relationships

Imaginary journeys can encourage creativity, a change of perspective and increased empathy in kids. This happens as they put themselves in unfamiliar roles and situations.

physical and mental well-being

Imaginary journeys help to overcome stressful experiences. With positive feelings and images, negative moods can be forgotten.


Imaginary journeys not only help kids to relax. It works for adults, too! Try it out together with your kid and talk about the experience afterwards.

Imaginary Journeys For Kids In Aumio's Distant Galaxies

The journeys through Aumio’s favorite dream worlds are mindful and fantastic! The best thing is: all kids who have the ability to follow the stories can join in.

  • deep relaxing tricks in the magical enchanted forest,
  • drifting into the depths of the mysterious underwater world
  • or galactic happiness in the mangrove forests of the Koluao jungle

Each adventure holds a very special experience for you.

The Koluao Jungle is a magical place for a great imaginary journey for kids!
Try for yourself the beneficial effects of our fantastic magic worlds!
Aumio’s imaginary journeys can bring the following positive effects:

Deep relaxation

Techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation or autogenic training put the body into a relaxed state. The mind can also find peace in imaginary journeys, as one’s own worries and tensions just disappear. This is also a great way to fall asleep!


The awakening of positive, fantastic and pleasant sensations in dreams and fantasies also inspires kids in reality! They can recharge during their magic journeys and then go back into the real world feeling strengthened and full of confidence.


On Aumio’s imaginary journeys, kids get in touch with their own inner images and learn to be themselves. In their imagination – a safe place that belongs only to them – they get to know their own inner cosmos more closely.


With imagination and creativity, kids see what adults often fail to see. Imaginary journeys sharpen the eye for small things, because only attentive and curious people will experience the magic of these worlds.

The journey begins with you!

Download Aumio for free and start with your child the first galaxy. Try it out!