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Balance For Body And Mind

Yoga for kids helps to overcome everyday pressures such as stress, excessive expectations from others or lack of exercise. Kids become more balanced and relaxed and feel altogether a lot better.

Kinderyoga mit Stella


Why Yoga Is Useful For Kids

The school years are a formative phase for kids. Kids experience many new tasks, exciting challenges, but also a lot of extra stress.

  • Stress – grades and comparisons with classmates of the same age result in permanent pressure to perform and meet expectations.
  • Strain – due to concentration problems or high demands on how much needs to be learnt.
  • Lack of exercise – due to the large amount of time spent sitting during lessons and doing homework after school.


As a result, the physical and mental well-being of kids suffers enormously. Yoga, especially exercises of the widespread Hatha Yoga, can help to cope with these stressful situations and create a balance, both for the body as well as for the mind and soul.

Yoga is nothing more than a variety of mental and physical exercises. Through kids’s yoga, their own body awareness improves at an early age and kids learn how to relax. They learn to pay attention to their thoughts and feelings and to create an emotional balance. A generally positive attitude towards life is promoted.

Your kid will also learn how to understand his or her feelings better in our Emochu Galaxy!

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Aumio helps

How Aumios Yoga For Kids Works

Yoga exercises for kids differ significantly from those for adults. During our classes, kids are always immersed in imaginative stories. They meet and imitate many animals, greet the sun or give themselves a soothing facial massage. Aumio uses alternating dynamic and relaxing postures (also called asanas) of Hatha yoga, which have been expanded with playful elements. Three recurring asanas are:

The tree 🌳
It provides an upright posture and practices steadiness and balance. During this exercise, your kid learns to focus on one point so that he keeps his balance and does not fall over. This asana helps with balance and satisfaction.

The Cat (-Cow) 🐈
Alternating between hollow back and cat hunch, this asana stretches and strengthens the back and abdominal muscles and releases tension along the spine. The breath deepens and your kid becomes calm and relaxed.

The (looking down) dog 🐶
This exercise strengthens shoulders, arms, and the backs of the legs, stretches the spine, and prevents back pain. It increases stamina, boosts self-confidence, and has a balancing and relaxing effect.

Each of Aumio’s stories ends with a final relaxation exercise lying down, during which your kid can daydream a little. Here he or she can once again find peace and quiet.

The Current Research

Scientific studies on yoga for kids were conducted as early as the 1990s. Its holistic beneficial effects have been proven time and again. Regular practice has shown a variety of positive effects:

  • Reduction of aggressive as well as an improvement in impulsive behavior and improved problem-solving skills,
  • Increase in emotional balance and anxiety reduction,
  • Increase in concentration skills and improvement in school motivation.


Your kids exercises can be ideally combined with meditations from our Unasu Galaxy to increase concentration skills!

Here's how

We Rely On Routines!

To ensure the effectiveness of the exercises, regular practice is important.

  • A short exercise after school to clear your head?
  • An intergalactic mission before dinner?
  • Or before a meeting with a friend to create an inner balance?


Decide for yourself how and when Aumio fits best into your everyday life! See you at the next yoga session!

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